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AnyDoc Client License Utility

AnyDoc Client License Utility
Foundation 23.1

Client License Utility is installed using the Client License Utility installer. Launch the Client License Utility installer by executing the AnyDoc Client License Utility.exe file. This file is located either on the installation CD/DVD or in the installation .zip file provided by your solution provider.


The License Server must be installed on a physical machine, not a virtual machine. Prior to installation on the physical machine, the anti-virus software must be disabled.

To install the Client License Utility:

  1. Launch the AnyDoc Client License Utility.exe installer file. The Welcome window of the Hyland Client License Utility Setup wizard is displayed.
  2. Confirm the installation path in the Install location field. To change the installation location from the default location, click Options. The Setup Options window is displayed. Do the following if needed:
    • Enter the path of the installation location in the Install location field, or click Browse to browse to the location.

    • Click OK when finished to return to the Welcome window.

  3. Click Install to begin installation. The Setup Progress window displays the progress of the installation.
  4. When installation is complete, click Close to exit the installer wizard.