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OCR for AnyDoc Programming Reference Guide

OCR for AnyDoc
Foundation 23.1

OCR for AnyDoc offers the most comprehensive and accurate way to capture, confirm, and commit data from your scanned or imported forms.

OCR for AnyDoc is a powerful alternative to data entry through automated forms processing. By processing forms in volume, OCR for AnyDoc allows you to reduce staffing costs while significantly increasing productivity.

Features of OCR for AnyDoc include:

  • Superior image quality

    Image enhancement and character

  • Features regeneration are performed prior to data capture.

    Lines, patterns, and other background noise are removed for cleaner data recognition.

  • Validates and verifies data

    OCR for AnyDoc uses your own business rules to validate data. Operators speed through data verification with automated features.

  • Template-free unstructured forms processing

  • Supported through add-on application solutions for vertical markets.

  • Automatically identifies forms as they are scanned, eliminating time-consuming sorting

    Document sets and multi-page images are also identified and processed accordingly.

  • Batch balancing

    Calculations can be performed across multi-page forms or form batches. Corrections can be made using the “batch balancing” window.

  • Keeps related documents together

    Imaged documents that contain data that cannot be captured, such as a letter accompanying an invoice, can be indexed and electronically attached to processed forms.

  • Works with standard scanners

    OCR for AnyDoc supports the leading scanners, allowing data capture with a range of equipment.

  • Routes images from fax machines and remote scanners

    Incoming faxes are routed automatically to OCR for AnyDoc using AnyDoc CAPTUREit. Forms or documents can also be scanned at remote locations and sent over the Internet for processing at a central location.

  • Transmits captured data to other systems

    OCR for AnyDoc generates ASCII files in almost any format. AnyDoc EXCHANGEit transfers this data into databases or document storage and retrieval systems.

  • Reporting and statistics

    AnyDoc MANAGEit ensures optimal productivity of OCR for AnyDoc on a network, allowing viewing and monitoring of performance in real-time.


CAPTUREit, MANAGEit, and EXCHANGEit are add-on modules from AnyDoc that enhance the capabilities and productivity of OCR for AnyDoc.