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OCR for AnyDoc Programming Reference Guide

OCR for AnyDoc
Foundation 23.1


This method should be used instead of the VB MsgBox method. If a script uses the VB MsgBox method and OCR for AnyDoc is run as as service, then the application will appear to freeze when MsgBox is called.

If OCR for AnyDoc is running as a service, then this method logs the specified message to the event log. If OCR for AnyDoc is not running as a service, then the message is displayed.

Applicable Events

AnyApp Pre-Application, AnyApp Post-Algorithm, AnyApp Post-Application, Post Extract, AnyApp Post Extract, Pre-Verify, Interactive, Verification Function Key (F-Key), Post-Verify


Application.AnyDocMessage [text string], [ = blnCritical ]


Object is a reference to the Application object. For more information, see Application Object (page Application Object).

AnyDocMessage is the command.

The text string entered here is the message that will be displayed or logged to the event log.

blnCritical is an optional parameter. If it is True (default), the error is handled as a critical error, otherwise it is informational.


Application.AnyDocMessage "Hello World.", True