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Foundation 23.1


Assigns the batch, document set or image to one or more Operator groups during the specified Verification phase. This method is only available during the Post Extract phase.

Applicable Events

Post Extract, AnyApp Post Extract


object.AssignToVerifyGroup "group name", integer variable, Phase, bAppend


object is a reference to the Application object. For more information, see Application Object (page Application Object).

AssignToVerifyGroup is the command.

Group name is the name of the groups that the batch, document set, or image are applied to.

The integer variable specifies the assignment of the batch, current document set, or current image. 0 refers to a batch, 1 refers to a docset, and 2 refers to an image.

Phase refers to the Verification phase. The Verification phase constants are: PHASE_PASS1, PHASE_PASS2, PHASE_SUPERVISOR, PHASE_AUDITOR, PHASE_BALANCING, PHASE_HSV. The default is PHASE_PASS1.

bAppend is a boolean parameter. The default is False. If False, all assignments to the specified group are overwritten. If True, the specified group is appended to any existing assignments.


AssignToVerifyGroup "Group1", 0, PHASE_PASS1, True ' Assign current batch to Verify Group 1 during Pass 1 Verification in addition to batches already assigned'

AssignToVerifyGroup "Group2", 1,PHASE_SUPERVISOR, False ' Assign current docset to Verify Group 2 during the Supervisor phase and unassign all previously assigned docsets'

AssignToVerifyGroup "Group3", 2 ' Assign current image to Verify Group 3 for Pass 1 Verification'