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OCR for AnyDoc Programming Reference Guide

OCR for AnyDoc
Foundation 23.1


This method deletes the current document set. This method is only valid for the Post Extraction and Post Verification events.

Applicable Events

Post Extraction, Post Verification


object.DeleteDocSet [bEntireDocSet, bAttachments, strDeleteDir, strDeleteReason, bOverride]


Object is a reference to the Form object. For more information, see Form Object (page Form Object).

DeleteDocSet is the command.

bEntireDocSet is an optional parameter. If a True value is passed, the entire document set is deleted.

bAttachments is an optional parameter. If a True value is passed, any attachments are deleted.

strDeleteDir is an optional parameter that can be used to specify a directory name where images are routed instead of just being deleted.

strDeleteReason is an optional parameter used to specify the reason for the deletion of the document set. This reason can be output to the Log database and document controls for the deleted document set.

bOverride is an optional parameter used to specify whether to override the form family level Delete/Reroute setting Don't Allow Image Deletes, Always Delete Entire Document Set. True means to ignore the form family level setting and instead respect the VBScript setting of bEntireDocSet parameter; False means to respect the form family level setting.


‘Remove attachments from docset

Form.DeleteDocSet False, True, "c:\deleted_attachments"