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Foundation 23.1


Read-write. Allows customization of the Verification display settings for a template. It is recommended that this method be called during Pre-Verification as the display settings are applied after the Pre-Verification event.

Applicable Events

AnyApp Pre-Application, AnyApp Post-Algorithm, AnyApp Post-Application


object.OverrideVerifyImageDisplaySettings nImageLocation, nPercent


Object is a reference to the Application object. For more information, see Application Object (page Application Object).

OverrideVerifyImageDisplaySettings is the command.

nImageLocation is a number specifying the location of the image display.

0 = Use Setting defined in the template

1 = Display image on the top portion of the screen

2 = Display image on the bottom portion of the screen

3 = Display image on the left portion of the screen

4 = Display image on the right portion of the screen

nPercent is the percentage of screen real estate to be given to the displayed image. Values range from 0-100%.


'Display the image on the right with 50% of the screen

Application. OverrideVerifyImageDisplaySettings 4,50

'Display image above the data entry area in the top 1/3 of the display

OverrideVerifyImageDisplaySettings 1, 33

'Display image left of the data entry area with half and half

OverrideVerifyImageDisplaySettings 3, 50

'Display image right of the data entry area in the right 1/3 of the display

OverrideVerifyImageDisplaySettings 4, 33

'Use the settings defined in the template

OverrideVerifyImageDisplaySettings 0