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Foundation 23.1


Sets the splitter view so the full image or a specific area of an image in the current batch can be displayed. This method takes optional switches, such as the image sequence, split screen percentages, display and image rotation.

Applicable Events

Post Extract, AnyApp Post Extract, Pre-Verify, Interactive, Verification Function Key (F-Key), Post-Verify


object.SetSplitterView PageNo, [optional SplitPct], [optional Rectangle], [optional Rotation]


Object is a reference to an OMR Zone or Zone object. For more information, see OMR Zone Object (page OMR Zone Object) or Zone Object (page Zone Object).

SetSplitterView is the command.

PageNo is the page number of the image to view in the batch.

optional SplitPct is the percentage of the screen to split. The default value is specified in the zone parameter.

optional Rectangle is the area of the image to magnify. The default value is the entire image.

optional Rotation is the rotation amount to be applied to the displayed image. Default value is 0.


Set oZone2 = Form.Zone("Test5")

Set r = oZone2.Area

r.GrowArea 10

This.SetSplitterView 1, 40, r