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Foundation 23.1


Used to get or set the color of the text in a specific cell in the GridChoiceDialog. The text color is applied to the cell where the specified row and column intersect.

Applicable Events

Post Extract, AnyApp Post Extract, Pre-Verify, Interactive, Verification Function Key (F-Key), Post-Verify


object.CellTextColor (nRow, nCol)

object.CellTextColor (nRow, nCol)= Color


Object is a reference to the GridChoiceDialog object. For more information, see GridChoiceDialog Object (page GridChoiceDialog Object).

CellTextColor is the command.

nRow is the row number that the specified cell is in.

nCol is the column number that the specified cell is in.

Color is the color the cell should be set to. The color can be set using a Microsoft number (as in the example below), hexadecimal, or the VB Constants, such as VBWhite, VBBlack, VBBlue, VBRed, and VBYellow.


To get the property value:

nColor = GridChoiceDialog.CellTextColor(1,2) ‘ get text color of cell at row 1, col 2

To specify the property value:

GridChoiceDialog.CellTextColor(2,1) = 16711680 ‘ set text color of cell at row 2, col 1 to Blue