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Read-write. Indicates if the object has been flagged by the system for Verification (causing the Verifier to stop on the processed zone).

If this property is used for Post Extraction or Pre-Verification events, the flag only stops the Verification operators on the zone once, then allows them to continue, so they do not need to be protected by an If statement. If this property is used for the Interactive or Post-Verification event, it traps the Verification operators unless there is an If clause.

This property does not indicate if the object needs Verification due to a standard OCR for AnyDoc situation, such as a questionable character or rule violation.

When used with the Solution object, this property is used to flag a solution for Verification. If the flagged property is set to true, a tab stop causes the Verifier to stop on the field containing the solution. Setting the property to false does not remove system generated tab stops from questionable characters and rule violations. Its use is identical to the flagged property of the data zone in the Standard Object model.

Applicable Events

AnyApp Pre-Application, AnyApp Post-Algorithm, AnyApp Post-Application, Post Extract, AnyApp Post Extract, Pre-Verify, Interactive, Verification Function Key (F-Key), Post-Verify


object.Flagged [ = blnValue ]


Object is a reference to a Line, Zone, OMR Zone, Solution, or OMR Box object. For more information, see Line Object (page Line Object), Zone Object (page Zone Object), OMR Zone Object (page OMR Zone Object), Solution Object, or OMR Box Object (page OMR Box Object).

Flagged is the command.

blnValue is the boolean value indicating if the object has been flagged by the system.


'Sell out to the supervisor - interactive

'added wrapper for supervisor mode and changed message for sup

If Application.InSupervisorVerification = False Then

If This.Value > 1990 Then

glbCounter = glbCounter + 1

This.Flagged = True

This.CustomMessage = "Year is over 1990 - please correct. You have been warned " & glbCounter & " time(s)."

If glbCounter > 3 Then

This.Flagged = False 'let them out

glbCounter = 0 'reset the counter

This.StickyNote = Application.OperatorName & " could not get it after 3 tries." 'tell them why

This.CustomMessage = "Please validate year is over 1990." 'change message to sup appropriate

End If

End If

End If