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OCR for AnyDoc Programming Reference Guide

OCR for AnyDoc
Foundation 23.1

The VBScript window is used to add or change VBScript either at the form or zone level. You may enter code manually, or select from the provided OCR for AnyDoc objects.

  • To enter code manually, click and type in the VBScript window.

  • To select from the provided OCR for AnyDoc objects, click the VBScript Functions button and double-click the folders to access the available functions, operators, and constants.

If a VBScript is placed on a zone in a Pre Verification, Interactive, or Post Verification event, the script is only run if the form enters Verification and the Verifier stops on the zone. The following code can be used to call a Post Verification script from Post Extraction on a form that does not require Verification.

If Not Form.NeedsVerification Then RunPostVerifyScript

This conditionally runs the Post Verification script on the Extraction station. Pre Verification and Interactive scripts cannot be called this way. When the script is finished, click OK to exit the VBScript window and return to Rules Parameters.

  1. Double-click the Functions folder. Another set of folders appears. In this example, Text functions are selected. Double-click the Text folder. A list of text functions appears in the right pane.
  2. Double-click a function to add it to the code in the VBScript window. In this example, Left is selected. Left appears in the code main window.
  3. Add or delete expressions as needed, as well as any other relevant code.
  4. Click the Syntax Check button to compile the code and check for simple syntax errors.