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Foundation 23.1

The Command window in the Script Debugger is an important debugging resource. In it you can determine the value that is being passed by your procedures line by line; this helps to determine which line of code is causing a problem.

  1. Process the form through interactive or batch processing.
  2. From the View menu, select Command Window. The Command window is displayed.
  3. Click the Step Into button (or F8) on the Script Debugger toolbar. This allows you to run one statement at a time. If you know the problem is not in the current procedure, click the Step Over button or Step Out button.
    The Step Over option allows you to run the entire procedure called by the current line and break at the line following the current line. If there is no call to a current procedure, Step Over functions like the Step Into option. The Step Out option allows you advance past the remainder of the code in the current procedure.
  4. In the Command window enter the following:
  5. Press [Enter].

    The statement's current value appears in the line below. If the value is not expected, then the problem lies in the preceding code line.


    You can also use the Command window to change the value of the current statements. In so doing, you must assign values in the following format: This.value = 12 (where the assigned value is “12”). When you determine the problem, open the VBScript window and make the necessary changes to your code.

  6. Exit the Command Window.
  7. To exit the Script Debugger window, click the Exit Debugger button from the toolbar.