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OCR for AnyDoc Programming Reference Guide

OCR for AnyDoc
Foundation 23.1

VBScript routines can be added to any algorithm or zone. With VBScript, you can perform mathematical calculations on your data, institute logic-based processing techniques, convert the format of the data, and streamline Verification activities. You can also call objects from other applications via OLE automation. The most common uses for VBScript in OCR for AnyDoc are:

  • Manipulating output

  • Building and enforcing custom rules

  • Improving recognition results

You do not need to know sophisticated programming concepts, such as arrays or recursion, nor do you need to understand certain VBScript conventions to effectively use VBScript in OCR for AnyDoc.

To use VBScript with OCR for AnyDoc, you need to have a basic familiarity with OCR for AnyDoc and with either Visual Basic or VBScript.