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Foundation 23.1

To ensure that data entry operators are keying the exact letters of what they see, some organizations desire the fields to be keyed in reverse order (right to left). In this scenario, there is a Pass 1 and a Pass 2 operator. The Pass 1 operator corrects the OCR results in Zone 1. Zone 2 is only shown to the Pass 2 operator, who must key the field in reverse order. An interactive script then runs when the Pass 2 operator leaves the field, and compares the reversed text to the original field. If it matches, the operator can move on; otherwise the field is flagged and the operator must rekey it.

The data entry operator must key the information from right to left, and it will display in the zone from right to left - the data in the zone is for comparison to the original zone only, and will be discarded at commit. No OCR results are expected in the reverse entry zone.

GUI Product Features Used in this Script:

  • On Zone 1, Parameters | Verification | General | Display in Pass 2 as Read Only

  • On Zone 2, Parameters | Verification | General | Verify by Pass 2 Operator Only

Key VB Script Features Demonstrated in this Script:

  • Reverse For/Next Loop (VB Script)

  • CustomMessage Property Method (OCR for AnyDoc)

Example Script:

'Script for Reverse Keying

'This script compares the reverse of what is keyed in this zone to Zone 1.

'If they do not match, the current zone is flagged

'Level: Zone

'Phase: Interactive

iLen = Len(This.Value)

strTemp = This.Value

For xx = iLen To 1 Step -1

strOutput = strOutput & Mid(strTemp, xx, 1)


If Not(strOutput = Form.Zone(1).Value) Then

This.Flagged = True

This.CustomMessage = "Please rekey - " & strOutput & " did not match " & Form.Zone(1).Value

This.Value = ""

End If