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Foundation 23.1

The downside to showing operators how to sticky note fields is that they will sticky note them on their own. A more effective way to sticky note fields is to give them a couple attempts at fixing the field, then automatically sticky noting it and routing it to a supervisor if they cannot resolve it.

You MUST have someone assigned as Supervisor in verification for the form family, and that person should be polling for work or look for jobs on occasion. A batch will not commit until it has cleared this phase.

GUI Product Features Used in this Script:

  • Global Variables must be enabled under Parameters | Rules | Enable Global Properties and Methods.

  • A numeric global variable must be created to act as a counter. This example uses, gnAttempts.

  • Since the global doesn't have to cross pages, an alternative would be to use an Output Zone that has Parameters | Output | Output Zone ASCII disabled in place of the Global Variable above.

Key VB Script Features Demonstrated in this Script:

  • Global Variable

  • StickyNote

  • Use of "InSupervisorVerifcation" - the rule should not be applied when the Supervisor is reviewing it.

Example Script:

'Preverify Script

gnAttempts = 0

If Application.InSupervisorVerification Then This.Hidden = False

'interactive script

If Not Application.InSupervisorVerification Then

If Len(This.Value) <> 9 Then

gnAttempts = gnAttempts + 1

This.Flagged = True

This.CustomMessage = "Please correct zone."

If gnAttempts = 3 Then

This.Flagged = False

This.Hidden = True

This.StickyNote = "This zone could not be corrected by operator " & Application.OperatorName & " after 3 attempts."

gnAttempts = 0

End If

End If

End If