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Foundation 23.1

This example shows a unified script that can run at the form level. It cleans up the data before verification and flags fields that do not conform to the following rules:

  • In zones with a Zone Name beginning with "TAPE", the following edit masks need to be applied based on the length of the data in the zone:

    • Length of 4: A999

    • Length of 7: 999999A

    • Length of 8: X999999A

    • Length of 0: Replace with "00000000"

  • In zones with a Zone Name of "T##" (where ## is a two digit number), replace the data with 24 zeroes if the zone is blank.

  • The zone names begin with "Tape" or be "T##."

  • "TAPE" Zones that do not contain 0, 4, 7 or 8 characters are flagged for keying.

Zones that do not follow these patterns will be ignored by the script.

GUI Product Features Used in this Script:

  • Parameters Toolbox button | Data Definition Parameters | Zone Name is the key product feature being leveraged in this script.

Key VB Script Features Demonstrated in this Script:

  • Regular Expression Object (VB Script)

  • ApplyEditMask Method (OCR for AnyDoc)

  • Name Property (OCR for AnyDoc)

  • Representation of a Zone as an Object

Example Script:

'Level: Form

'Phase: Post Extract/PreVerify

'Set up regular expressions

Set re = New regexp

Set re2 = New regexp

re.ignorecase = True

re2.ignorecase = True

'For strings begining with "TAPE..."

re.pattern = "^Tape"

'For strings of "T##" with nothing after

re2.pattern = "^T\d{1,2}$"

'roll thru zones. If Zone Name begins with "TAPE" the apply masks based on size. If T## then replace blanks with 23 zeroes.

For xx = 1 To Form.ZoneCount

Set objZone = Form.Zone(xx)

strZone = objZone.Name

strValue = objZone.Value

If re.test(strZone) Then

Select Case Len(strValue)

Case 0

objZone.Value = "00000000"

Case 4


Case 7


Case 8


Case Else

objZone.Flagged = True

End Select

ElseIf re2.test(strZone) Then

If Len(strValue) = 0 Then objZone.Value = "00000000000000000000000"

End If


Set objZone = Nothing

Set re = Nothing

Set re2 = Nothing