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OCR for AnyDoc Programming Reference Guide

OCR for AnyDoc
Foundation 23.1

The VBScript window is used to add or change VBScript either at the form or zone level.

The VBScript toolbar contains the following tools.



Reverses the last action.

Deletes the selected text (this does not put the text in the Paste buffer).

Copies the selected text.

Pastes copied text.

Opens the Find window to search for specific text within the script.

Performs a simple syntax check of the script.

Opens a text file. The contents of the text file replace the current contents of the VBScript window. This can be used to import a script previously saved as a text file.

Saves the current script to a text file. This can be used to export a script so it can be used in a different template or zone.

Prints the script to the default printer.

Opens the Microsoft VBScript Help. Use it for information related to native VBScript components.

The VBScript Functions window, a code generating tool, eases the coding process two ways:

  • It lists the VBScript components available such as constants, operators, and functions, OCR for AnyDoc objects.

  • It facilitates the writing of syntactically correct code.

This is especially helpful when your OCR for AnyDoc objects' methods or properties possess rather lengthy names, such as, AverageOMRHitFillPercent.