Restart Apache Tomcat - ALE Learnset Manager - 23.1 - 23.1 - Brainware - external

ALE Learnset Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide

ALE Learnset Manager

Sometimes when you start and stop ALM with the Tomcat Web Application Manager, Tomcat displays the message, “Application at context path/ALM could not be started”. To prevent this issue from occurring you can either restart or update the Apache Tomcat configuration.

To restart Apache Tomcat via the services management console, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the services management console.
  2. Right click on the Apache Tomcat service and select Restart or use the Stop / Start options, as required.
    CAUTION: The Apache Tomcat Web Application Manager could still be used to stop and start ALM and result in failures using ALM.
  3. Update the Apache Tomcat configuration so that it doesn't attempt to reload the Java Native Interface every time the web application is started.
    Note: You must perform the steps above to every Tomcat web server that is running ALE Learnset Manager.