Update the Apache Tomcat configuration - ALE Learnset Manager - 23.1 - 23.1 - Brainware - external

ALE Learnset Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide

ALE Learnset Manager

To update the Apache Tomcat configuration, complete the following steps.

Note: Before proceeding with the steps below, ensure that a backup is taken of the Tomcat installation area.
  1. Ensure that all dependent systems are not being used. If required, stop the relevant services and/or websites.
  2. Stop the Apache Tomcat service.
  3. Create a new folder called shared under the lib folder within the Tomcat installation area.
  4. Browse to the Apache Tomcat folder where ALE Learnset Manager is installed. Example: "...\WEB-INF\lib\".
  5. Move the columbusJNI.jar file from the location in step 4 to the new folder created in step 3.
  6. Browse to the conf folder within the Tomcat installation area and open the catalina.properties files in a text editor.
  7. Search for the shared.loader entry and update this as follows: shared.loader="${catalina.base}/lib/shared","${catalina.base}/lib/shared/*.jar","${catalina.home}/lib/shared","${catalina.home}/lib/shared/*.jar"
  8. Restart the Apache Tomcat service.
  9. Restart any services or websites stopped in step 1.