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ALE Learnset Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide

ALE Learnset Manager

You only need to restore the database tables if the existing database becomes corrupted during the installation process.

To restore the database from a backup, complete the following steps:

  1. Create the database to which the data needs to be migrated.
  2. Install ALE Learnset Manager and configure it to use the new database.
  3. Start the tomcat server.
  4. Execute the process to import the backup data into the new database.
  5. Restart the tomcat server.
  6. Login to ALE Learnset Manager using the default administrator account.
    Note: For Oracle database backup and restoration, the LEARNSET_DOC, LEARNSET_DOC_IMAGE, LEARNSET_PROJECT_DATA tables contain BLOB/CLOB data. To migrate this data type, it is recommended to follow the Oracle Data Pump procedure. For more information on Oracle Data Pump table export and import, refer to the Oracle documentation.