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Brainware Intelligent Capture Installation

Brainware Intelligent Capture
Foundation 23.1

Each application log file contains the following information.

Entry Nr. Description
1 Type of message such as Info, Warning, or Error
2 Severity of message
3 Time logged
4 Process ID (PID)
5 Overall used / available physical memory in KB
6 Overall used / available virtual memory in KB
7 Used physical / virtual memory by this RTS instance in KB
8 Number of process handles used by this RTS instance
9 GDI resources / UserObjects used by this RTS instance
10 Message text

The following log files are available in the log directory.

Application log file Description
V_*.log Verifier messages including custom script errors.
VA_*.log Advanced Verifier messages.
VL*.log Local Verifier messages.
H_*.log Runtime Server Host (DstHost) messages for a single RTS instance.
Note: The standard Runtime Server log files include system level resource information and, in case of a system failure, special error logs.
L_*.log Learnset Manager messages, such as when the user triggers document learning, or backs up the learnset.
D_*.log Designer messages including script errors.
U_*.log Web Verifier and external application messages.
S_*.log Service Manager (DstMgr) messages, such as start and end of service, restart, or failures.
M_*.log System Monitoring (DstEvent) messages. Holds all system messages and can log error messages across all server machines and hosts.
Component log file Description
I_*.log Component log files for all applications.
Error log file Description
C_*.log In the event of system or application failures, BIC creates an additional error log file named C_<Process ID>_yyyymmdd.log.