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Brainware Intelligent Capture Installation

Brainware Intelligent Capture
Foundation 23.1

The Components Version Info tool provides information about the installed DLLs and the components that require an entry in the license file to be available.

Components General Info View

This view lists the installed primary DLLs and provides the following information.

See also: Reviewing the Installed Components.

  • Name. Name of the installed DLL.
  • Description. Description of the DLL.
  • Build. Build number of the DLL.
  • Product version. Version of the DLL.
  • Date. Compilation date and time.
  • Build Date Time. Date and time the build was created.
  • Install Directory. Path to the component location.

Components Licensing Info View

This view lists licensable components and provides the following information.

See also: Reviewing the Component License Information.

  • Component Name. Name of the component.
  • Component Type. Type of the component.
  • Status. License status of the component.
  • License File Path. License file location.
  • License Files. License file name.
  • Expires. License expiration date for component.
  • Version. Version number.
  • Customer. Customer name.
  • Customer ID. Customer ID.
  • Serial. Serial number.