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Brainware Intelligent Capture Installation

Brainware Intelligent Capture
Foundation 23.1

You can redirect product help from the default web URLs to a file on your system.

The HelpLink variable is a label that applies to a particular product. The products that provide help include: Designer, RTS, Verifier, Learnset Manager, and Web Verifier.

The syntax includes the HelpLink type, which defines the product, and the path to the static file location.

HelpLink = [path]/BIC.htm#Foundation_23.1

HelpLink_Designer = [path]/BICD.htm

HelpLink_RTS = [path]/BICRS.htm

HelpLink_Verifier = [path]/BICV.htm

HelpLink_LSM = [path]/BICV.htm#Topics/Verifier/Working with the Learnset Manager.htm

HelpLink_WebVerifier = [path]/BICWV.htm

For path, supply the URL or path (absolute or relative) to the launch file for that specific help project. The following examples show a URL, a network path, and a local path.

  • HelpLink_Designer =
  • HelpLink_Designer = \\myserver\mypath\Designer\BICD.htm
  • HelpLink_Designer = C:/mypath/Designer/BICD.htm