Creating a Windows Authentication Version of the Web.config File - Brainware Intelligent Capture - Foundation 23.1 - Foundation 23.1 - Brainware - external

Brainware Intelligent Capture Installation

Brainware Intelligent Capture
Foundation 23.1

We recommend maintaining two versions of the Web.config file to simplify switching between the default Forms authentication and Windows authentication methods.

To create a copy of the default Web.config file and modify it for Windows authentication, complete the following steps.

  1. From the [Installation path]\Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Server directory, create a backup of Web.config for the Forms authentication method.
    Note: You can store this backup Web.config for Forms authentication in any directory.
  2. Open the original Web.config file in a text editor.
  3. Complete the following substeps.
    1. Search for the following line.
      <authentication mode="Forms">
    2. Replace Forms with Windows.
      <authentication mode="Windows">
    3. Remove the following line.
      <forms loginUrl="Login.aspx" defaultUrl="BatchView.aspx" />
    4. Under the <authorization> node, replace the <deny users="?"/> element with an <allow users="?"/> element.
    5. Under the <pages> node, add an <pages enableSessionState="true"> element.
    6. Remove all <location path=> nodes.
    7. Save and close the file.