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Brainware Intelligent Capture Release Notes

Brainware Intelligent Capture
Foundation 23.1

This release provides the following updates.

Oracle 12c is not supported any longer.

The default version of ASP.NET 4.x available on each of the supported versions of Windows Server are as follows:

  • Windows Server 2022 - ASP.NET 4.8
  • Windows Server 2019 - ASP.NET 4.7
  • Windows Server 2016 - ASP.NET 4.6

If ASP.NET has been upgraded on a supported version of Windows Server, the upgraded version can be used.


  • The WibuKey application is no longer required to run BIC and has therefore been removed from the Brainware Intelligent Capture installation package.

    The application can optionally be uninstalled after updating to Brainware Intelligent Capture Foundation 23.1.


  • TFS 25600 / Support case ID 1402332: The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z has been disabled in the indexing view. The new keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Z, which clears all form fields, has been added. The user is presented with a confirmation dialog asking whether to clear all fields.

Web Verifier

  • The Redirect endpoint no longer supports authentication within the URL. The user must be logged in manually or via Windows Authentication prior to entering the Redirect URL.

  • CB-2043/Support Case ID 293850: The behavior of listbox, dropdown, and combobox controls on a user dialog created from script now matche the behavior in Verifier. Previously, Web Verifier returned the index of the selected item based on the displayed list, which removed all empty strings. Now, Web Verifier returns an index based on the original list.


    list(0) = "Item 1"
    list(1) = ""
    list(2) = "Item 3"

    If the user selects item 3, Web Verifier now returns 2 and not 1 as before.

Verifier and Web Verifier

  • It is now possible to perform Cut, Append, and Move page actions on any type of file, the limitation to TIF documents has been eliminated.

  • Changes to file handling have improved performance of Cut, Append, and Move page actions.

Runtime Server

  • Access to remote RTS servers with the Runtime Service Management Console now requires the current user to be granted access on each remote server.

Designer and Runtime Server

  • It was found that OCR on Demand (OoD) could result in OCR results inconsistent with project settings. This functionality has been removed. Any document which requires OCR data should be expressly OCRed within the workflow.


  • BIC scripting engine has been upgraded to WinWrap 10. Both new installations and upgrades will default to using WinWrap 10.

    Existing project scripts may not be compatible with WinWrap10. For instructions on how to revert to WinWrap 9, see "Switching Between WinWrap Versions 9 and 10" in the Brainware Intelligent Capture Update Guide.

Document Filters

  • BIC now integrates Document Filters 21.8.0, which provides several updates and enhancements.

    For more information, see "Document Filters 21.8.0 (August, 2021)" in the Document Filters Release Notes.

Apache log4net

  • BIC now integrates with Apache log4net