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Brainware Intelligent Capture Technical Specifications

Brainware Intelligent Capture
Foundation 23.1

The Remote Admin client manages the Runtime Server (RTS). This client does not require a separate workstation. It typically runs on a BIC server or any network-accessible system where the Microsoft Management Console is available for the RTS Remote Admin snap-in.

The following table lists the minimum technical specifications required for this client.

Specification Description
Hardware As a minimum requirement, use a one-core processor running at 2.4 GHz.

The required minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768. We recommend 1280 x 1024 SVGA.

Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • BIC RTS Remote Admin MMC Snap-in
Network A 100 MB/s network, configured at full duplex or auto-negotiate.

We recommend a 1 GB/s network to provide optimal performance.

Memory Minimum 1 GB in addition to the memory recommended for the operating system.
Disk Space Minimum 40 GB