Back Up the Configuration Files - Brainware Intelligent Capture - Foundation 23.1 - Foundation 23.1 - Brainware - external

Brainware Intelligent Capture Update

Brainware Intelligent Capture
Foundation 23.1

Use the CONFIG backup files only as reference to review custom settings used in previous versions. Do not copy any existing CONFIG files to the installation setup directory. Do not use any backed up CONFIG files with the new version.

To back up the configuration files, complete the following steps.

  1. Stop all Intelligent Capture services.
  2. From the [Installation path]\bin directory, copy the following files to your backup directory.
    • DstDsr.exe.config
    • DstHost.exe.config
    • DstSlm.exe.config
    • DstWkBrw.exe.config
    • DstVer.exe.config
    • DstPmt.exe.config
    • DstCoreSvc.exe.config (if available)
    • If your installation includes Web Verifier, from the [Installation path]\Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Server directory, copy the Web.config file to your backup directory.