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Brainware for Invoices Installation Guide

Brainware for Invoices

Brainware for Invoices is a multi-tenanted, out-of-the-box Accounts Payable solution that automates data entry for invoices and credit notes.

The solution is able to capture invoice information such as the invoice number, purchase order number and dates, identify the invoice vendor and line items automatically, and then make this data available to use with your business information and document management systems. Brainware for Invoices also includes processes for line pairing, VAT compliance checking, the automatic assignment of ERP system tax codes to invoice line items, miscellaneous charge handling, and solution reporting.

Brainware for Invoices can be integrated with almost any environment and includes the following components.

  • BFI Reporting database for use with Visibility for auditing.
  • Thick and thin Verifier clients for document quality-assurance purposes.
  • Perceptive Content (optional).