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Brainware for Invoices Installation Guide

Brainware for Invoices

Brainware Intelligent Capture must be installed.

The ICAL installer installs the ICAL DLLs, which are required on all machines having Brainware for Invoices. These machines include the main Brainware server, all Verifier stations and the Web Verifier (for thin clients).

The ICAL Installer is primarily used to install the BFI ICAL DLL components on secondary machines, such as Verifier workstations or the Web Verifier Server, where a full BFI installation is not required. If you already installed ICAL DLLs on the main Brainware server using the BFI Installer, you do not need to run the ICAL Installer again.


Prior to installation, you must ensure that all Brainware core applications and services are closed.

To install ICAL DLLs, complete the following steps.

  1. Run ICAL Install.exe as an Administrator.
  2. Accept the end user license agreement and click Next.
  3. Enter the path of the location where you want to install the ICAL DLLs.
  4. Select the Oracle check box if you are using Oracle.
  5. Select the SAP using RFC check box only if you are using Brainware for Invoices to connect to SAP via RFC. You don’t need to check this box for connecting to SAP via web services. You must have SAP .Net Connector 3.1 installed for using SAP via RFC.
  6. Click Next and then click Install.
  7. Click Finish to exit the installer. The installation process is complete.