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Brainware for Invoices Installation Guide

Brainware for Invoices

During installation, the installer creates one RTS instance for Import and one RTS instance for Export. On the Runtime Servers screen, you can specify:

  • Number of OCR, Classification, and Extraction (OCE) RTS Instances. The default number (# of RTS instances = # of cores - 1) is used for processing documents a quickly as possible, however this number can be lowered.

  • Limit Batch Size - This option allows you to limit the number of documents imported into a Brainware Intelligent Capture batch. The Import RTS instance is configured to poll for sub-directories and any sub-directory with more than this number of files is split into multiple batches based on the number defined. The default setting is 10 documents.

  • Clean Up Batch Time Limit (hours) - The Export instance is automatically configured by the installer to perform clean-up of old batches. You can define the amount of time which must pass after successful export of the batch before clean-up of the batch is executed and the batch is deleted. The default setting is 240 hours.

  • Job Name - You can define the Database Job name where the RTS instances are performing their work. This value defaults to the Project file name defined on the Installation Directory screen.

  • Auto System Update Time - The Import instance is automatically configured by the installer to perform updates to the Associative Search Engine pools every 24 hours. You can define the time when this update should occur. The default is 12:00 AM local server time.

During the installation, the Runtime Manager service is restarted.