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Brainware for Invoices Installation Guide

Brainware for Invoices

For creating the BFI configuration and reporting databases, the BFI Installer uses the MSOLEDBSQL provider (Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server) if it is installed on the machine.

If this provider is not available, the system uses the SQLOLEDB provider. For updates to the core Brainware Intelligent Capture (BIC) database, the system uses the provider supplied in the BIC database connection string taken from the DstHost.exe.config file, unless TLS 1.2 is activated on the machine, in which case the MSOLEDBSQL provider is used.

If you require TLS 1.2 protocol support, the MSOLEDBSQL provider is mandatory and must be installed on the machine executing the BFI Installer. The system throws an SSL security error if this provider is not available.

Note: The supported version of MSOLEDBSQL provider is 18.6.7 or lower. Versions higher than MSOLEDBSQL 18.6.7 are not supported.