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Brainware for Invoices Installation Guide

Brainware for Invoices

This section describes how you can install Brainware for Invoices, manually.

The following steps are a high-level overview of the procedures that you need to perform to manually install and configure Brainware for Invoices.

  • Create the Brainware for Invoices folder structure.
  • Install Brainware for Invoices project file.
  • Create the pool directory.
  • Install the ICAL DLLs.
  • Run the database creation script.
  • Configure the INI file.
  • Install the Solution Configuration Manager.
  • Configure registry settings.
  • Set up and add clients.
  • Set up and add processing profiles.
  • Activate and configure the fields for extraction.
  • Configure and activate the Dynamic Verifier Form.
  • Set up users.
  • Set up processing instructions.
  • Set up review states.
  • Create a connection to the BFI Reporting database.
  • Configure the vendor field.