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The SQL Server creation script has two parameters in the SQL file available to configure.

  • DB_Name - The name of the SQL database you want to create. This is set to BFI _Config by default.

  • Do_Create - This controls whether you want the SQL scripts to create the database. The value should be set to 0 for no, and 1 for yes.

To configure the database creation script for SQL Server, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the 'MasterSQL - SQL Server.sql' file.
  2. Navigate to the SET parameters in the Configuration section of the file.
  3. Configure the name of the database you want to create using the @DB_Name parameter.
  4. If you want to abort the script execution if either the database does not exist or the database already has BFI content, set the @Do_Create parameter to '0'.
  5. If you want the system to create the database if it does not already exist, or overwrite content in an existing database, set the @Do_Create parameter to '1'.
  6. Execute the script.