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Brainware for Invoices Installation Guide

Brainware for Invoices

You can use the Brainware for Invoices Installer to upgrade an existing BFI installation if you are already using BFI 3.0 or above. If an existing installation of BFI ICAL DLLs is detected, the BFI Installer automatically launches in upgrade mode.

To upgrade your BFI installation fully, you must upgrade all three BFI components (the ICAL DLLs, database, and project file). BFI Installer supports the upgrade of all these three solution components.

If you are unable to upgrade either of the BFI components (the ICAL DLLs, database, and project file), you should not proceed with this upgrade. You will not be able to run a partially upgraded installation of BFI.

Before upgrading your BFI solution, you must have a back-up of all solution components such as, the BFI project folder, the BFI databases (both configuration and reporting) and the directory containing the ICAL DLLs.

The upgrade feature of the BFI Installer performs the following tasks.

  • Upgrades the BFI project file to the latest version.
  • Upgrades the Brainware for Invoices configuration and reporting databases to the latest version.

  • De-registers all previously registered ICAL DLLs on the machine.

  • Copies the new ICAL DLLs to a user-specified location. If any previous ICAL DLLs already exist in that location, they are replaced with the new ICAL DLLs.

  • Registers the new ICAL DLLs.


You must also ensure that all Brainware components are closed before running the installer.