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Brainware for Invoices Release Notes

Brainware for Invoices

This release has the following enhancements or updates to existing features.

Category Description
Install pre-requisites BFI 23.1 now requires .NET Framework 4.8.
BFI Installer Included the ability in BFI installer to upgrade project files that are already at 3.0 or above to the latest version.
Extraction Improved general extraction for US invoices and for service type line items.
Bill-to Name Added the ability to configure the maximum word gap, the maximum word count and the maximum word length for bill-to name candidates using Solution Configuration Manager.
Custom fields Increased the number of available custom fields from five to ten.
  • Simplified the number of required components to connect to an Oracle database via BFI Installer to either a full Oracle client or the ODAC components. For other BFI workstations, no additional Oracle components are required over and above those required by the Brainware Intelligent Capture platform.
  • Added support for Oracle blanket purchase orders and purchase order releases.
  • BFI now uses the SAP.NET Connector 3.1 to integrate with SAP using Remote Function Calls.
  • Removed the need to install SAP .NET Connector if connection to SAP is done using web services.
  • Added support for SAP S/4HANA lean service purchase orders.
  • Extended the use of ALM to include the account number field and custom fields 6-10.
  • To ensure a better quality of extraction result, ALM now requires a minimum of two classes and a minimum of two trained documents in the target class for extraction. Both of these minimum values can be increased via Solution Configuration Manager.
Perceptive Content Integration
  • Added the ability to configure the default message and property values that are written into the ImageNow external message tables.
  • Added the functionality to deactivate updates to the ImageNow external message tables and the Perceptive Integration Framework integration for documents processed in Designer.
User Management Added the ability to use an external table to maintain BFI users.