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Brainware for Invoices Release Notes

Brainware for Invoices

This release includes the following fixed defects.

Defect ID Description
CB-8331 SAP retuns the following error during line pairing if the unit of measure is too long: 'error has occurred while parsing a dynamic entry'.
CB-8297 If the PO key includes company code, the PO number should revalidate in Verifier if the company code is changed.
CB-8109 Line pairing fails to pair on long descriptions even if it is identical.
CB-7939 Quantity flip PO for SAP does not handle the quantity correctly during line pairing in cases where the invoice currency is not the same as the PO currency.
CB-7376 System tries to park an FI invoice in SAP even if document parking is deactivated.
CB-3274 Invalid reason has no effect if display text includes lower case characters.
CB-3217 SCM Package - Import settings reference non-existing CJKT-Flag.
CB-1683 System pairs multiple invoice lines to same PO line despite different unit prices.
CB-1682 System should not continue to try and pair a line if valid material number is not found on specified line level PO.
CB-1124 UserExitPostLinePairing does not allow a developer to add new GL account lines for a NO-PO document.
CB-1120 UserExitPreLinePairing does not allow a developer to change content of LineItems table.
CB-420 System incorrectly removes some special characters from the PO number.
CB-417 Line pairing may choose incorrect line for multiple materials based on PO number position on document.
CB-372 'Instructions Settings' menu branch appears incorrectly in SCM Global Settings.