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Brainware Intelligent Capture Runtime Server

Runtime Server
Foundation 23.1

BIC organizes documents into batches to simplify and control the processing of large numbers of documents.

The batch folder structure in the file system contains the following information.

Batch state files
A text file that contains the state of a batch and the minimum state of any of its folders. The state of the folders in turn represents the minimum state of any of its documents.
Batch control files
A text file that contains all information about the batch, such as its state, folders, and documents as well as the project used for processing.
Fast info file
A text file that contains a copy of the main information from the database about the batch.
It provides a quick way to determine the state of a batch without opening the database file. If the fast info file is deleted, the instance automatically recreates it.
Lock file
Runtime Server, Designer and Verifier create a LOC file when processing a batch. No other instance or application can process a locked batch. If an application terminates abnormally, an instance unlocks the batch.
The subdirectory name matches the batch ID and contains the workdoc (WDC) files, the documents and the document attachments.
Note: BIC stores batch folders and their related project folders together in the file system. For more information about a project’s folder structure and the type of files in use, see Brainware Intelligent Capture Designer Help.