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Brainware Intelligent Capture Runtime Server

Runtime Server
Foundation 23.1

In general, an RTS instance loads the project into memory the first time processing performs, that is, when either a document for import or a batch in an input state is found.

If there are no batches in an active input state and no documents to import, the system unloads the project from memory and the instance enters a "Batch scanning delay". The next time the instance begins processing, the system reloads the project.

The Minimize project reloading option is available to optimize this processing. If you select this option, the project file is kept in memory when entering a "Batch scanning delay". Routine checks on the project file are performed and if the project file differs from the currently loaded project, the project file is reloaded or loaded for the first time. The system checks the project file at the following times.

  • When processing starts after a "Batch scanning delay" or on initial start.
  • After processing completes, prior to entering a "Batch scanning delay".
  • After between 5 and 30 minutes of "Batch scanning delays", and every 30 minutes thereafter.