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Brainware Intelligent Capture Runtime Server

Runtime Server
Foundation 23.1

To import emails note the following considerations.

You configure email import settings in the Email Import section of the Import tab. The section is present only with a separate license. For information on product licensing, see the Brainware Intelligent Capture Product Licensing Guide.

  • The MAPI profile name “RTS_Import” is predefined and cannot be changed. For more information, see "Configure the email import feature in Microsoft Outlook" in the Brainware Intelligent Capture Installation Guide.
  • The instance only processes the default message folder, which means the “Inbox” folder.
  • To retrieve the main properties of the processed email, use the SCBCdrEmailProperties. For more information, see "SCBCdrEmailProperties" in the Brainware Intelligent Capture Scripting Help.
  • The PreImport event executes once for each part of the email and one more time for each additional file if you select the “Import 1 Additional File per imported document” option.
  • If the custom script returns CancelImport for the first (MSG) file, the instance considers the document as failed to import. If the custom script returns CancelImport for the attachments, the document is not considered as failed to import. The instance logs a warning message in both cases.
  • The PostImport event executes once for each workdoc after successful import of all parts.
  • The instance processes attachments according to the “Automatic” option.
  • To disable moving downloaded messages to the deleted items folder for testing purposes, use the registry key LeaveDownloadedMessagesInInbox. For more information, see Disable Moving Downloaded Messages to the Deleted Items Directory.
  • BIC does not support Adobe XML Forms Architecture (XFA) PDF files. BIC supports AcroForms PDF files. To process XFA PDF files, convert them to image PDFs or print and then scan the documents.