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Brainware Intelligent Capture Runtime Server

Runtime Server
Foundation 23.1

After you set up a group, you need to add one or more machines to that group. Machines contain Runtime Server instances. You cannot add a machine that is included in another group. To add a machine to a group, complete the following steps.


  • Runtime Service Manager service is running on the machine you want to add.

  • The current user must be a member of either the Administrators or BIC Admin local user group on the added remote machine. The BIC Admin user group can be created manually.

    Membership can be inherited as a member of a Global or Universal security group. It is not possible to inherit membership from a Local Domain security group.

  1. In the Runtime Server Administration window, in the left pane, right-click the required group and then click New Machine.
  2. In the Group Management dialog box, complete the following substeps.
    1. From the Domains list, select the required domain and then click Search.
    2. Under Select Machines, type or select the machine name, click >> and then click OK.
      Note: If you are configuring a stand-alone system, enter LocalHost as the machine name.