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Solution Configuration Manager Installation Guide

Solution Configuration Manager

While logging on to SCM, if your credentials are correct and accepted, you are authorized to use the application. However, if you have entered invalid credentials, an error message appears.

If the number of attempts exceeds the maximum allowed failed attempts (three attempts by default) during a specific period of time (30 seconds, by default), that user will be blocked from attempting to login for the indicated Reset time interval (35 seconds, by default). However, after entering incorrect credentials for the first time, if you wait for 35 seconds before entering your credentials again, the system resets the invalid attempts counter to zero.

To configure the incorrect password attempts and lockout duration, complete the following steps.

  1. Open Web.config file in Notepad.
  2. In the <add key="MaxAttempts" value="3" /> parameter, enter an appropriate value to indicate the maximum number of invalid attempts allowed by the system.
  3. In the <add key="LockoutPeriod" value="30" /> parameter, enter an appropriate value to indicate the duration of lockout, in seconds.
  4. In the <add key="ResetTimeInterval" value="35" /> parameter, enter an appropriate value to indicate reset time interval, in seconds. The Failed attempt count is reset to zero after the specified period since the last failed attempt.
  5. Save and close Notepad.

    The Reset time interval duration must be greater than the Lockout period duration.