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Solution Configuration Manager Installation Guide

Solution Configuration Manager

This section contains frequently asked questions and solutions to them.

How to configure IIS to launch SCM using “localhost” (from the server) or “IP Address” (of the server) in the URL?

After installing SCM, the default URL or the launch URL of the application is like https://FQDN_Name/SCMWeb/Login.aspx.

The URL contains “FQDN_Name” which is the fully qualified domain name of the server (where the SCM is installed). The application neither can be reached using “localhost” (from the server) nor using “IP address” of the server.

Solution: You can configure IIS so that SCM can be accessed using localhost or IP address of the server. To modify the hostname in IIS, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to IIS Management Console > Default Web Site > Edit Bindings.
  2. Double click on 443 port Binding or the binding used for https while installing SCM.
  3. Remove or clear the Host name (FQDN_Name).
  4. Click Ok.
Note: As the SCM app uses the configuration or binding of “Default Web Site”, modifying this binding configuration will affect other Web Sites or Applications installed under “Default Web Site” in the same way as SCM.
How to modify the installation directory path?
You can modify the installation directory path by clicking Change on the Install Directory window.
Can the SCM Installer be used to automatically install or deploy BFI or BFT Solution packages?
The ability to install or deploy SCM package(s) for Solutions (BFI, BFT) as an automated step of the SCM Installer has been removed. Solution SCM Packages will only be available on the Downloads page specific to the Solution version involved. Once SCM is installed, Solution SCM Packages can be deployed using the existing capability within SCM. This helps in removing any dependencies or requirements to deploy solution packages as a part of the SCM installation process.
Where do I find the trace log?
The trace log is located in the Solution Configuration Manager installation directory (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SCMWeb). It is found in the same directory as the web.config file for the SCM application.