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Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Verifier

Web Verifier
Foundation 23.1

Supervised Learning allows users to nominate documents to the knowledge base job. Only users that have the SLV role assigned can access the Supervised Learning tab.

  1. In the Settings view, select the Supervised Learning tab.
  2. To enable Supervised Learning, select Activate Supervised Learning Workflow.
  3. To specify the job name used to keep track of the documents added to the knowledge base, from the Knowledge Base Job list, select a job.
  4. To apply global extraction on documents with low extraction rate, select Always automatically re-extract data for poorly processed documents.
  5. In the Copy document to global knowledge base section, select one of the following options.
    • Only if activated by the user: To copy the document to the global knowledge base, the user needs to click the Nominate for Learning
      button in the Document View.
    • Automatically if unclassified or more than [XX] % of fields are invalid: Select this option to copy dcuments automatically to the global knowledge base if they meet the configured criteria.
    Note: If Only if activated by the user is not selected, and the document does not meet the criteria to be copied automatically, the user can still copy a document to the global knowledge base by clicking
    in the Document View page.