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Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Verifier

Web Verifier
Foundation 23.1

Your administrator needs to configure the Web Verifier service to allow Windows authentication.

The Windows authentication login for Web Verifier shows the following special behavior.

  • A canceled or failed authentication opens an error page. Press the reload button to open the Login window again.
  • You can switch to another user, such as the Administrator, by opening the File menu and clicking Re-login. The standard Web Verifier Login window opens.
  • Windows authentication mode prevents changing your password.
  • The Logout link terminates the session on the server. Reloading a Web Verifier page in the same browser instance creates a new session on the server for the current user.
  • In order to completely logout from the system, it is necessary to close all open browser sessions. Otherwise, returning to the starting page automatically restores the last session. A message screen at the end of the logout step reminds you of this:
    Thank you for using Web Verifier. To complete the logout, you may now exit all opened browser windows.