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Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Verifier

Web Verifier
Foundation 23.1

The document view displays the structure of the batch and the document it contains.

Selecting a document provides an overview of the documents inside the batch.

You can use document view to investigate the documents in a batch.

The levels of the hierarchy are as follows.

  • Batch

    • Folder

      • Document

        • Page

Each document entry provides the following information.

  • ID: A number that uniquely identifies the batch, folder, or document.
  • State: An integer between 0 and 999 that indicates the progress of batch processing. The batch state corresponds to the lowest value of all folder states and the folder state corresponds to the lowest value of all document states.
  • The batch or folder Name is an arbitrary name that is easier to read than the ID.
  • Document Class: The document’s classification result.
Note: Depending on your access rights, the document view might list documents that are inaccessible. This is due to their input states which are out of the workflow you have access to.