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Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Verifier

Web Verifier
Foundation 23.1

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in document view.

Keyboard shortcuts Command
Ctrl + 0 Print
Ctrl + Shift + Home First document
Page Down Previous document
Page Up Next document
Ctrl + Shift + End Last document
Ctrl + 8 Append document
Ctrl + 9 Cut document
Ctrl + Enter Accept or reject next unsure page
Ctrl + Space Select next unsure page
Ctrl + 1 Show batches
Shift + Add Zoom in
Shift + Subtract Zoom out
Ctrl + Left Move image to left
Ctrl + Right Move image to right
Ctrl + Up Move image upwards
Ctrl + Down Move image downwards
Ctrl + R Rotate
Ctrl + Home Display first page in document
Ctrl + Page Down Display previous page in document
Ctrl + Page Up Next page in document
Ctrl + End Last page in document
Ctrl + H Fit to height
Ctrl + W Fit to width
Ctrl + F Best fit
Ctrl + J Increase image area
Ctrl + K Decrease image area