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Auto-completion helps to speed up typing. When you start to type, auto-text completes the word, suggesting the best match among all of the words or candidates available after the OCR process and Format Analysis. For example, you can type the first two characters of a 20-character invoice. The auto-text feature finds the best-matched candidate suggested by the Format Analysis engine and places it in that field.

The auto-selected text also appears highlighted in the original document. Select whether a single-line or a multi-line text field should display. To override auto-completion, continue typing the desired text.

The auto-completion feature for a header field should automatically select the best candidate, which works within Highlight Candidates mode. The viewer is only updated if the candidate appears once in the document; otherwise, when the word for the field is inserted by auto-completion, the viewer will be blank.

Note: Auto-completion does not work on formatted text and characters incorrectly read by OCR.