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Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Verifier

Web Verifier
Foundation 23.1

Verifier and Web Verifier include automated features for editing text fields that can speed up text entry and correction.

You can use automatic character entry, when the auto-completion is selected in the form field Properties dialog box, to edit text fields and cells. Other options for character changes include multi-line fields, combo boxes, and check boxes. You can also insert and replace text in cells and fields, either in single words or blocks of text, using drag-and-drop or by double-clicking on the selected text.

Multi-line fields are necessary for address analysis but can also be useful in other cases. A multi-line field enables line wrap and displays a vertical scroll bar, if required. To add a new line to a multi-line field press Ctrl + Enter.

A Combo box lists predefined strings related to the verification document. To aid in verification, you can select from the list of strings.

The Check box provides an either/or option that toggles table data entry choices on and off. For example, with a Yes or No check box, checking Yes would bring up data entry related to the verification and unchecked for No would hide them.