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Foundation 23.1

To speed up verification, you can insert words to replace or append text.

The method for inserting words depends on the availability of candidates.

A candidate is one that matches the learned words for that field. It displays in green, with a border of green check marks if that visual indicator is enabled in Batch Options, when you select it after selecting the field.

Non-candidates display in orange when selected.

You can insert words in fields or table cells. You can append or insert words and use the mouse to append or replace the field.

To use the Append feature, the selected word must appear on the same line as the existing cell text. If not, the selected word will replace the existing cell text.

  • Words that are candidates for cells: If the word belongs in a cell area, you can append or replace a word in a cell. The Append feature takes the current word behind the candidate and appends the cell text. It places the text in the best location, either to the right or left of the word, and in the cell location based on the text or location of the word. The word belonging to a cell area displays in green when selected. Or, you can replace the text. In the search region, word candidates are all words that are not covered (by location) by other table cells and that have the same beginnings as the whole text of the cell.
  • Words that are not candidates for a cell: If the word does not belong to cell areas, it displays in orange when selected. Even if it is not a candidate, you can append or replace the word. Appending places the text in the best location, either to the right or left of the word, by text or location of the word. For example, a cell named “C2658” might be appended by “number.” Or you can replace the cell text and location by the text and location of a word.