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Foundation 23.1

Even if the word does not belong to any candidates for the field, you can append or replace a word with a new one. Appending places the text in the best location, either right or left of the word, by text or location of the word. Or you can replace the field text and location by the text and location of a word. A word that does not belong to any candidates for that field will display in orange when selected. For example, a field named “sales total” might be replaced by “invoice total.” To use a word that is not a candidate for field, complete one of the following options.

  • To append text with the new text, drag a box around the desired word. Double-click on the word in the box, or right-click in the document and select Append Field Text by Word.
  • To replace text, select the word with the mouse. A box appears around the word. Double-click it, or select Replace Field Text by Candidate in the shortcut menu.
    Note: You can insert only one candidate per field per document verification session. Make sure that this word fits the format analysis rules defined for that field. If not, the word is highlighted in orange (and with a border of orange exclamation marks if validity icons are enabled) to help distinguish it. If so, it would not be a good candidate for the field.