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A form has three main elements: a label, a viewer, and a form field.

From a form field, you can select a text field or table field. Using a text field or table field, you can create check boxes or combo boxes. The field types for validation include Read Only, Multi-line, Combo Box, and Check Box. You can also add a button to a form to fire actions.

Elements of a form can include:

Form fields
Form fields display extracted data. You can also enter and edit data during manual indexing. You can use form fields to create check boxes and combo boxes.
Labels identify form fields, viewers, and tables.
Viewers are sections of document areas, normally those that were extracted to fill fields or tables.
Buttons fire project script actions.
Tables are extracted from documents.

The following is a list of field types and their descriptions:

Read Only
When selected, information on a field is dimmed and cannot be selected or edited.
Multi-line fields
Required in the context of address analysis, but can also be useful in other cases. A multi-line field enables line wrap and displays a vertical scroll bar, if required.
List Box
A drop-down list that lists predefined strings related to the verification document. It can either show the nearest values automatically or show only selected values.
Check Box
A toggle selection for one of two choices of the data input for a field (for example: Yes/No).